RHONDA the Novel

   When I first decided to recount my recent adventure in novel
form, my analytical side clobbered me. Okay, so a litle transparency
on my part is probably the right thing to do befoe you buy this
book. Yah see, I'm a private detective, but I'm also a puppet, yeah,
a puppet, not the string type or hand type, but the stop motion type.
And since the puppet population is minuscule on planet earth, and
since you are reading this back cover, you are probably human.
   Now, if you are down for a great yarn told by a beautiful former
movie star puppet that was modeled after one of the last century's
classic movie stars, a sexy, smart, incredibly strong female
protagonist, great, that's me. So read on.

      $11.95 plus shipping and handling

   The whole affair began on a Saturday afternoon at my office. An
old flame, Dwayne, also a puppet star, rang me and asked to meet
that night at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It seemed a couple of
his puppet friends, also movie stars, had gone missing.
   In the subsequnt investigation I uncovered a devious plot to take
over the film industry, led by a living pixel person with help from
a human dirty cop. Hey, if I say anymore, I'll give the whole plot away.



In a world of humans, puppets and cartoon flats, Rhonda
a beautiful ex-movie star puppet saves her ex-beau and the
film industry from a gang of murderous living pixel personalities.


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